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French bulldog puppies for adoption

French bulldog puppies for adoption. Today’s French Bulldog looks quite different to that of the type bred during the 1700 to 1800s for the vicious sport of bull-baiting. Developed from ancient Mastiff breeds, which may have travelled to Britain with the Roman conquerors, these founding bulldogs looked more like the modern Boxer, or perhaps the American Pit Bull, rather than the wombat-like breed we see now.


A face that some say only a mother could love. French Bulldogs are thick set, low in stature, broad, powerful and compact. The massive head sports a flat, squashed face with wide-set, determined eyes almost hidden behind a thick fold of skin and a short, inclined muzzle. The French Bulldog is well muscled and despite its compact size, can weigh up to 25kg.


Despite their heavy, strong and determined appearance, french Bulldogs are affectionate and gentle companion animals. Whilst exceptionally loyal to their family, they remain good natured and are tolerant of children.

Health and breeding

Although breeders have produced an even tempered, loyal and affectionate dog, other health and breeding related issues have been ignored. Many dogs still being bred today have difficulties related to breathing, eye irritation, bad knee.

What To Look For When french Bulldogs

Are you sure you want to buy a Bulldog? Bringing a pet home is a huge responsibility and you should be completely ready to take it. Bulldog is an amazing dog that comes in different types. You can buy a french  Bulldog or English Bulldog.

Temperament is important

For selecting the pet you have to check the characteristic of the dog. Buying a Bulldog without examining these things can result in huge problems later on. Go to the breeders’ place and examine the dog to find signs of aggression. You can monitor the dog and analyze their behavior with other dogs and visitor


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